The Past and the Future in a Jar

Her porcelain white skin,
Flailing, white arms for you
To stop bestiality
And look on what they’re through.
Don’t we have hearts for peace?
The message I can’t miss.

The Trojans killed fathers,
Our fathers, future.
They must die in waters
And on earth sands so pure.
No one can stop anger
When it possesses hearts.

But the divine message
To my human outrage;
Our minds it does engage.

Humans still have future
In our love of peace
Despite our nature.
We’re like the enemies
In a painting of jar;
The same as our war.



Note: The poem is in response to a poetry prompt from the NaPoWriMo website. It is an ekphrastic poem, which is a work of art that tells about another work of art through words. My poem tells about the painting on a hydria (jar) from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachussetts, USA (known among Harvard Hellenists as the “Boston Hydria”). It tells the deeper meaning of the painting and the story behind it.


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