From My Army Brothers

We wish you were here.
Like the soft, little lamb,
You’ll have nothing to fear
Away from the bedlam.
Here, where you should belong
‘Cause for you this ain’t wrong.

You’re like Cinderella
With the pretty, glass shoes,
For your life’s novella,
With all it’s love songs, blues
Elegies, limericks,
And rhymes, ends where it fits.

Here, your life will be better,
For we’re like the boxer;
All you need is a fighter.

And when you’re 22,
Have comrades by your side,
And we will see you through
In this world so wide
In all it’s peace and strife
Like story of my life.

Note: This poem is in response to the post on the NaPoWriMo website titled, “Day Nine.” Their optional prompt for us is to “take any random song play list (from your iPod, CD player, favorite radio station, Pandora or Spotify , etc.) and use the next five song titles on that randomized list in a poem.”

I put my personal playlist on shuffle and clicked “play.” These are the songs that played first.

“Wish You were Here” Avril Lavigne
“Cinderella” Diana Vickers
“The Boxer” Simon & Garfunkel
“22” Taylor Swift
“My Life” Billy Joel

You can spot these titles in the poem above.


One thought on “From My Army Brothers

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