For someone who loves spice,
You’re like the taste of chilli.
Even though I’m still wise
And I can live freely,
I love you despite pain,
Pain that will never wane.

Why am I afflicted
With such a kind of love?
So hurtful and wicked
And all of the above;
Not the flawless and good,
But still, I will not brood.

Every fiery flavor,
Each one is in your favor
And mine is the labor.

Why do I still go back?
For you shine like chilli,
Shining red from all these black,
Black shadows that I feel.
You wake me up from east.
Rarely found in the mist.

Note: This poem is in response to the post on the NaPoWriMo website titled, “Day Eleven.” Their optional prompt for us is to write Anacreontics, or an anti-Anacreontics poem. Mine is kind of an anti-Anacreontics poem because instead of having a love-and-wine theme, it has a love-and-spice theme.


3 thoughts on “Fiery

  1. Nice take on today’s prompt. I must admit I have much more of a love for chilli than I do for wine! Nicely done 🙂


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