The underworld houses.
Their own holy writing.
Be given the lashes
To those disobeying
In form of eviction
To gold generation.

“I live among these guys,
And somehow, I survive.”
Maybe it’s just his guise,
Or for one thing they strive.
“Some dark things about me,
For I should be good real.”

All of us have two sides
In a world that’s so wide;
There’s space for wrong and right.

You should choose to lean on
The better side of you.
If he won’t, might go on
To the other side through.
These are the secret signs,
The things from which he dines.


Note: The poem above is in response to the post on the NaPoWriMo website titled, “Lucky Thirteen.” It contains four, simple kennings and these are their meanings …

underworld houses – ghetto
holy writing – laws
gold generation – the world of the rich
secret signs – code


8 thoughts on “Crocodile

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