Twirling Exclamation Point

Why can’t we have all things,
Why do days have to end,
Why can’t we grow some wings,
Why do the bamboos bend,
Why won’t life be perfect,
And what is my effect?

Why can’t I find the one?
Why is he always wrong?
What wrong must I have done?
Oh, where do I belong?
Where does my story end?
What message do I send?

Why do we keep asking?
Why can’t we be walking,
And try to go basking?

How come I won’t calm down,
And why do you rewind?
Why does she wear a crown?
Why can’t he use his mind?
Why do I keep asking?
‘Cause we’re humans, thinking.

Note: The poem above is in response to the NaPoWriMo post titled, “Day Fourteen.” The optional prompt for us is to create a poem in which every sentence — except the last one — is interrogative.


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