Poetic Sleepiness

Like a sweet chocolate,
For you, I can’t be late.
Your scent is in the air.
To you, I can relate.

Seeming smooth and so fair,
Temptation I can’t bear.
You make my life seem easy,
Better than dress I wear.

Tonight, my dreams I see
Even though I’m lousy,
Under your influence,
Dipped in your sugared sea.

No danger I can sense,
None through my confused lens
You made vulnerable.
My world falls in silence.

Still on this spinning ball,
Although I’m unable,
For sleeping is my fate
That you find doable.

Note: This poem is in response to the post on the NaPoWriMo website, “Day 18.” The optional prompt for us is to write a ruba’i, or rubaiyat.

I did not follow the Persin rule about metres, so maybe it’s just a semi-rubaiyat, or not at all. You decide. The rule is not on the NaPoWriMo website, but it is mentioned on Wikipedia.


One thought on “Poetic Sleepiness

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