My god Apollo

Not a word, not a phrase.
Supposed to be worshiped.
Higher than gods of grace.
All my words may have slipped,
But I try to obey
‘Cause this is what you say.

I can’t help but blurt out;
This is my rebellion.
Wanna awaken rout,
For anger breeds in me
And it won’t set me free.

People should never know,
How much the evil grows.
And our hearts he sows.

I won’t say, but I feel.
Tell me, is it a sin?
A sin against you real,
But your rules always win.
Although you dictate art,
You hold my words to start.

Note: The letter “g” of “god” is intentionally kept in the lower case even though it is a noun in the title. I did it to keep the “god” of ancient Greek religion from getting confused with “God” of the Roman Catholics.


One thought on “My god Apollo

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