Very long time ago
In faraway kingdom,
A prince with huge ego
Had made his own fandom
Simply for his own self
Like he was a cute elf.

But people just obeyed
Because he was a prince,
Not ’cause he was unfazed
By dragons, evil queens
And ogres in the woods.
Do nothing great he could.

One day, his mother sang:
Love yourself and love hangs,
Love others, love returns;
This is what a king earns.

So when he became king
With a crown on his head,
He thought about this thing.
Abandoning his dread,
Dread of other people,
Followed her example.

That day, his people sang:
Love himself and love hangs
Love all us, we return
All the love that we earn

Note: The poem above is in response to the post on the NaPoWriMo website titled, “Day 22.” The optional prompt for us is to write a poem for children. My poem is made in the style of a fairy tale.


9 thoughts on “Shobenuamasimern

  1. Cute poem. Good message for children. Oh, if we only lived in such a world! I admire your dedication to writing. Such a rare thing! Keep it up.


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