Secret Love

It’s all the grated cheese
For the optimum bets.
Reclusive guardian’s miss
Is the cat from Tibet.
Let him hear her purr, purr,
Like the small, great helper.

Simonet has datum.
It’s like a floral dress
Of Sol, the cute mermaid;
It is omnipresent,
But it’s about my tryst
In the cedar cellar.

Spread something else, darling.
Like Reddit, news spreading.
Or else, I’m receding.

He thinks he is Hermes,
Make me like Evita,
The hated, little miss
While he munched on Fita.
Don’t let Simonet say
The love of all my days.

Note: The poem above is in response to the post on the NaPoWriMo website titled, “Day 23.” The optional prompt for us today is make a homophonic translation. I chose these ten lines from a poem by the German composer Carl Orff.

Ecce gratum
et optatum
Ver reducit gaudia.
floret pratum.
Sol serenat omnia.
iamiam cedant tristia!
Aestas redit,
nunc recedit
Hiemis saevitia.

From these lines, I made my homophonic translation to English.

It’s the grated
Bet optimum
Very reclusive guardian
Purr purr
Floral Simonet datum
Sol mermaid omnipresent
Imma cedar tryst
Just as Reddit
Noun receding
Hermes, Evita.

And then I created “Secret Love” out of my homophonic translation. Personally speaking, I think that it’s hilarious.


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