The Reader

Taken into a world of might and songs,
Long robes that glide on floor, wealthy with grace,
Olden moments that bring image so strong

Horses and men with swords of king who longs
For peace, flowers in fields and pretty face.
A world’s nature that still removes the wrong.

A work by you, delight of words, octaves,
Measure and lines inspire this mind so well.
An art so bright as day and sweet as wine.

You bring my soul into lovely, lil’ raves;
A book fine.

Note: The poem above is in response to the NaPoWriMo post titled, “Day 26.” The optional poetry prompt for us today is to create a curtal sonnet. We are allowed to create poems that don’t rhyme and go outside of iambic pentameter, but I tried to stay within the original rules.

The articles on Wikipedia about this topic are not very complete as of posting this, so I just guessed the missing details. For example, even though a curtal sonnet begins with a sestet, I wrote the sestet of my curtal sonnet in the manner of the octave of a Petrarchan sonnet. Also, Wikipedia doesn’t provide a specific rhyming scheme for the quatrain of a curtal sonnet, so I just copied the rhyming scheme of “Pied Beauty” by Gerard Manley Hopkins (which I read as ABCA).
I hope that I didn’t confuse the whole thing.


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