To Die for You

Very orange and smooth.
You are quiet and sweet,
And the flavor is good.
In this garden, we meet,
But I’ve chosen to stay;
We’re beginning today.

Fresh, green leaves, they surround,
Making the air smell cool.
They make musical sound
As they don’t make fine food.
Dancing in the breezes,
Though sweet taste each misses.

Let’s sit together, dear,
As the silence we hear
When nature is so near.

To be on this hard bench,
It’s white in day and night.
Cover yourself from stench.
Soon enough, I turn white.
I’m with you forever
And leaving you never.

Note: This poem is in response to the NaPoWriMo post titled, “Day 27.” We are given four photographs. We can choose one and we are to write a poem from it. We are allowed to use our own photo, but the first thing that I can think of is the famous 1961 photo of East German soldier Conrad Schumann deflecting into West Germany by jumping over the Berlin Wall (it was still a barbed wire fence at that time). The only problem is that I’ve spent a majority of this month creating poems about war and conflict and I would like to try out other themes. So I just chose the last photo among the four.

It’s the photo of a skeleton who is sitting next to a pumpkin on a white bench in a garden. I found the photo funny as soon as I saw it and it made me think up a story in which someone chose to be the the companion of the pumpkin in the garden forever until he starved to death, rotted and turned into a skeleton. That’s what inspired “To Die for You.” Please pardon my sense of humor.

You can view the photo here.


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