Writing Update

Dear readers,


How are you doing? I hope that you’re doing well.

I had joined the Camp NaNoWriMo this July 2014 and here’s the synopsis of my novel:

In order to live well, one has to have at least a little ray of optimism. They say, “Forget the bad things. Focus on the good.”

Stella had turned optimism into a lifestyle. Even though she had just been through the most traumatic experience in her whole life (she got kidnapped, but she escaped), she managed to forget it and go on with her cheerful life. But this decision just kept her from realizing that she knew more than she thought she knew.

One day, the counter-terrorism unit came knocking on her door. The agent was saying something like “Generations of Hesiod.”

After having struggled hard to forget her experience, Stella’s initial reaction was to force the unit to leave because those were the exact same words that her kidnapper had told her when he had taken her: “Generations of Hesiod.” She did not want to recall it all over again. Not again.

The agent kept knocking. Stella had to let them in.

The agent said that they had just found out that her kidnapper was connected to a terrorist who had been threatening to attack the city. When, where, or how; they didn’t know. Perhaps Stella can help them by recalling her moments with him in more detail? Because she never told the full story and she had lied about some parts of it to cover up the violence.

If there was anyone who was least capable of telling a depressing story, it was Stella. The most positive people can be the worst when forced to confront their demons. But was saving innocent lives really worth one’s sanity?

I reached my goal of writing 50,000 words before July 31, 2014. I finished on July 27, 5 days before the deadline.


After this, I will revisit my novel for Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014, “From the Human Chain,” to begin its editing process.

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Good luck this coming school year and happy writing!


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