To Kill a Character

I’m supposed to write at least one blog post every month. I’ve read on Google that the smallest frequecy of blogging is once in every month. If you skipped that pattern, your blog will be as good as non-existent (unless you work hard on bringing it back to your fans’ attention).

Well, I didn’t plan for this post and can’t think of a good topic so today, I will be just like those other bloggers who like to write about their day. No, I won’t tell you exactly what I’ve been doing; novelists like to keep secrets. This will be about only a small part of my day.

For some backstory, I’ve been having this routine of watching random videos on YouTube before bedtime. My favorite videos used to be music videos, but since I joined Harvard, I developed a fascination for cartoons. I loved “Winnie the Pooh” while I was in my Greek Literature course and I liked “Invader Zim” when I was in Neuroscience.

I won’t mention the name of the cartoons that I’m currently watching (another secret), but one of the lead characters got killed off last night and I’m pretty bummed out.

I was just talking with another cartoons fan this Sunday afternoon and we shared our sentiments about how certain storytellers like to kill off the best characters.

When I write my stories, I don’t care that much about who dies. I’m more focused on maintaining the plot. Now that I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the storytelling, though, promise, I’ll think twice each time I kill a character. (My first public horror story, “Crab Mentality” had quite a reputation for having too many deaths.)

Have you been in a situation where your favorite character (book, TV, movie, etc.) died?