What to Not Watch in the New Year

Dear readers,


Happy New Year!

Have you watched “Maniac”? If not, you’re lucky. Because it’s a feel-bad movie.

Actually, it has a great story. Of course, “great” from a crime writer’s point-of-view. But not “great” from a regular person’s point-of-view.

It’s about a man who makes mannequins. He, like, sculpts them and gives them wigs. One day, a beautiful photographer takes interest in his mannequins. She hires him for her first art show.

The two characters eventually fall in love and become sort of like sweethearts. But she does not know that the wigs of his mannequins are stolen from real people. People whom he’s killed.

She starts to suspect him when one of the prominent people in her industry gets murdered. The victim’s scalp had been ripped off. He had actually been excluding our dear photographer from his routine killings because he, well, loved her. But as she starts to get frightened of him, a violent man’s love will be put to the test.

I like the conflict in the story. You know, he’s talented and still has some goodness left in him. He’s just too disturbed and way too deep into the mess that he’s created. If only I can rewrite that movie.

The primary annoyance about the movie is the way it was filmed. You can’t help but ask, why the hell does the whole movie have to be filmed from the eyes of the killer? And why, when he’s killing someone, does the camera suddenly leave his “mind” and focus on his face? It was dizzying, especially in such an intense plot. The director should have chosen only one angle all throughout the movie.

Aside from that, the lack of lighting, the visions that don’t make sense, and the weird color of the blood (the blood was like, dark red with spots of black; real blood is alive red), the movie might have been a good horror movie. It was well-acted and a bit of the screenplay was well-made.

If you’re fine with 1 hour of wasted viewing, alright, watch it if you like. But if you wanna start the year right, don’t watch it. Save it for Halloween. It will be good for Halloween.